About Us

Imagine one of your usual busy days, working hard, under a deadline. Will you ever get a break from all this pressure? Don’t you just wonder sometimes if there’s a break from all that? Shanti Spa provides customers an escape from a demanding day of work. We want to make sure customers do not succumb to the accumulation of stress which will be detrimental to their health.

Shanti Spa is a center for health, wellness, and personal relaxation. We are dedicated to providing you with the most professional services of foot relaxation, body massage and many other massage services, all within a relaxed and comfortable environment. All of the staffs are well trained to ensuring your satisfaction. At Shanti Spa, you will receive extraordinary service from the finest staff. Our exceptional staffs of attentive and caring professionals are genuinely dedicated to making your time spent with us both relaxing and carefree.

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